Flexibility is Becoming a Must in Network Management Software

With the proliferation of remote access capabilities along with intelligent mobile devices, it is easier than ever for network administrators to respond to system issues promptly. However, with the ease of access also comes an increase in service level expectations and also the need for even more flexibility with network and system administration. Is your network management software flexible enough to meet increasing demands and shorter response time requirements?

Network Management SoftwareFlexibility is not limited to being accessible via a remote device. Flexibility also means growing your ability to resolve issues remotely – not just receive a message then rush to the office. Can you not only receive notifications and alerts remotely, but can you also resolve many issues using remote devices or connections?

Flexibility also means increased intelligence with your network management software. Not only must network administrators address security issues surrounding an increasing number of smart devices that connect, interact, and then disconnect rapidly – administrators must also understand the massive amounts of data that is transferred and how applications respond to varying amounts of communications. Does your network management software have the ability to understand various states of network traffic and applications, and then interpret and analyze issues proactively?

A contemporary finite state modeling system gives network and system administrators a significant advantage. Not only does the system monitor basic network traffic but it also intelligently analyzes application performance and security. NerveCenter by LogMatrix is the intelligent answer to network and application administration with state of the art analytic and diagnostic capabilities that handle all your needs coupled with remote access and resolution options. Contact the experts at LogMatrix to get flexible with your network management.