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Download the full Release Notes NerveCenter-6.1.00-Release-Notes.   NerveCenter 6.1 release contains everything included in the NerveCenter 6.0.xx releases.  NC6.1 adds the following functionality, relative to NC6.0.xx:   Customers expressed a need for enhancements to NerveCenter’s Trap Forwarding capabilities as a supported alternative to BMC’s former TrapBlaster and Concord’s former Trap Exploder applications.  The NC6.1 release includes […]

How Much Polling is Enough?   With more and more riding on a business’s ability to have its enterprise network perform at a high level, network managers continue to push the envelope in terms of polling frequency for network assets.  Especially in larger, more complex networks, network operators are pressured to poll literally tens of […]

Simple Polling Doesn’t Give the Whole Story    Polling for single objects and then applying a simple threshold or basic if/then logic to the resulting data is something many network monitoring tools can do.  However, this doesn’t provide the complete picture of the true condition (or “state”) of the devices or services being managed.  For network […]

Why is it important to monitor windows application? Windows applications affect:  user experience  productivity  performance  security What’s more, resolving application problems can be a drain on IT’s time and resources. If you’re running your business on an SQL server and it goes down, customers can’t buy your product.  If you use Exchange and performance goes […]

With the proliferation of remote access capabilities along with intelligent mobile devices, it is easier than ever for network administrators to respond to system issues promptly. However, with the ease of access also comes an increase in service level expectations and also the need for even more flexibility with network and system administration. Is your […]

As the workforce in the United States continues to become more mobile through the use of remotely connected smart phones, tablets, and laptops there is an opportunity to leverage this “always connected” trend for network management. While social media is not always considered a tool for businesses, IT departments can utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and […]

Having been in Network Operations and Network management for many years, I am aware of the type of alert view most Network/Systems operations centers are using. This would be the traditional “event browser” that most products provide. With the traditional event browser you get a scrolling list of the most current events generated be network/system […]

We recently were part of discussions with existing and potential customers that included weighing the pros and cons of using proprietary agents in conjunction with network monitoring tools.  In addition, and rather coincidentally, I ran across a blog listing out a bunch of “myths” associated with IT Operations management, which makes some good points.  Myth […]

In order to properly capture, review and forecast network performance, you need to use analytics. Numerous variables should be monitored as part of the network management analytics data including response time, uptime, route analytics, intrusion attempts, and device availability. For the best form of network management, consider having another metric added – the amount of […]

Too often we get some software, install it on our system, do some basic configuration and say we are done.  It becomes a checkbox we click off and move on.  Perhaps we watch the analytics and print out a report or two a week, but are we really using the software to its potential? In […]