Public Sector, Aerospace & Defence


The public sector, aerospace and defense sectors face some of the most complex systems management needs of any industry with the absolute lowest level of fault tolerance. The stakes are high and this sector is continually confronted with new issues that are very difficult to detect, and costly to respond to. Despite the best tools from the industry being employed, the hope of a single pane of glass or massively scalable Complex Event Processing and Correlation engines continue to be just out of reach, and the legacy systems seem to use the budget for run and maintain before new dollars can be deployed to solve these problems.

NerveCenter is designed to reduce costs through advanced detection and correlation of events while reducing the time needed to isolate and respond to issues. Coupled with its native data analytics and machine learning capabilities, models can be deployed that help auto resolve issues or avoid them before they exist. Used by some of the biggest defense firms and governments in the world to ensure critical systems are running and running well, NerveCenter is easy to deploy and provides an incredibly low costs approach to analytics and automation which more often than not, more than pay for the deployment within 120 days of roll out.

LogMatrix works with governments and the aerospace and defense sector to deliver the best-in-class, most resilient enterprise performance management solutions for legacy, modern, or emerging technologies, and assists governments in achieving oversight and visibility of their myriad of network and users, and increases their confidence in being offer uptime and availability as well as guarantee user experience