Headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in Boston and Jacksonville, LogMatrix offers the most scalable, intelligent, and robust IT Operations and Systems Monitoring framework in the market today.

NerveCenter™ is used by leading organizations in every industry vertical including banking, telecommunications, government, technology, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and on average resulting in more than 30% gains in efficiency and cost savings.

NerveCenter™ is an advanced technology framework which rests above and or replaces commonly used “out of box” tools, providing complex event processing (CEP) and advanced analytics for event management and avoidance.

In today’s complex world, businesses are increasingly reliant on fully functioning production environments. With significant and constant changes occurring in the technology realm, IT Operations and System Monitoring capabilities continue to lag the market ….

  • Hybrid data centers incorporating multiple physical and virtual deployments
  • Growing numbers of disparate hardware and software systems within each data center
  • Multiple overlapping “Out-of-the-Box” monitoring products that only cover specific devices/ technologies
  • Static analysis leveraging thresholds of unique events

… resulting in inadequate systems availability, stability and efficiency..

Marginal monitoring results

  • Excessive noise via false positives
  • Missed opportunities via false negatives resulting in downtimes
  • Extended and unreasonable Fault Identification Time and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

Excessive numbers of licensed monitoring products

  • None of which provide a full view
  • Many of which are non longer relevant

Excessive personnel costs within the IT budgets

  • Multiple modules to monitor
  • Excessive times to troubleshoot

NerveCenter is a superior framework that sits above and or replaces all commonly used out of the box tools – Provides the customer a single pane of glass of view. No need for a multitude of overlapping tools covering specific devices or technologies.

  • Typical Benefit – reduction of more than 30% of the tools, single view and license cost savings.

NerveCenter is the only monitoring platform that utilizes a finite state/ behavioral modelling solution

  • Typical Benefit – reduce false positives by more than 50% which ultimately lowers personnel and increases system uptime, stability, and efficiency.
  • Identification of false negatives which went un-noticed prior to the implementation of NerveCenter.

NerveCenter customers can dynamically model root cause failures to proactively detect network and systems issues within their infrastructure before it happen.

  • NerveCenter has the ability to self heal as necessary – Which typically improves system performance during active monitoring periods