NerveCenter Version 6.2 New Features

NerveCenter 6.2 release contains everything included in the NerveCenter 6.1.xx releases.

In our continuing effort to provide our customers with exciting new product functionality, enhanced management capabilities and true ROI product value, we are pleased to announce NerveCenter 6.2.

Here’s a summary of the new features and functionality:

Perl 5.14.4

NerveCenter 6.2 now contains a complete imbedded Perl 5.14.4  environment for the most up to date Perl environment and module implementation available.  This new Perl environment easily facilitates bringing external Perl modules into NerveCenter‘s libraries for ease of expansion to the already powerful Perl environment within NerveCenter.

Improved Send-Mail Action

NerveCenter 6.2 improved send mail actions have been updated to work with all modern e-mail systems. You can specify the information sent,  AND it is password protected to add a layer of security to your work.


In today’s world, send SMS  is where it is at.   Text via any and all carriers is now a click away.  Customize your message and let it fly.  OH yeah  it too is Password protected for an added layer of security.

Node List Attributes and Columns

One of NerveCenter 6.2‘s strongest new features comes in allowing you to manage nodes on the fly via adding attributes and or columns to the nodes existing definition.  This new feature expands the range of node list and node manipulation features first by expanding the existing SetAttribute Action to cover all node attributes and continues with a Perl API that provides the identical coverage.  The API can be used from within NerveCenterServer Perl environments and by external Perl scripts.  Provisions for accessing local, as well as, remote NC6.2 servers is provided.   Node functions such as (get/create/delete nodes) allows for manipulation of nodes and their attributes.   There is also a Samples/API directory in which you will find a ‘readme’ and several Perl scripts showing how to do it all whether on the command line or with in the Perl Environment.

Linux Installation and Run Time Operation

The Linux release of NerveCenter 6.2 has been streamlined for RHEL6.5+ installations and run time operation.  Several of the utilities found within NerveCenter 6.2 are now provided in both 32 and 64 bit format.  An exciting first step on our way to a full 64 bit implementation.

Send Trap Enhancement

NerveCenter 6.2 takes a step forward when it comes to sending traps.  Traps can now be sent directly within NerveCenter without the need to call outside Perl thus streamlining your operations.

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