NerveCenter Version 6.1 New Features

Download the full Release Notes NerveCenter-6.1.00-Release-Notes.


NerveCenter 6.1 release contains everything included in the NerveCenter 6.0.xx releases.  NC6.1 adds the following functionality, relative to NC6.0.xx:


Customers expressed a need for enhancements to NerveCenter’s Trap Forwarding capabilities as a supported alternative to BMC’s former TrapBlaster and Concord’s former Trap Exploder applications.  The NC6.1 release includes a several major updates to trap forwarding to accommodate these needs.  Highlights of enhanced NerveCenter use cases related to traps include:

  • Handle very large volumes of traps (100,000’s per hour) with a single instance
  • Use custom logic to filter out redundant or unnecessary traps, drastically reducing the amount of downstream work required
  • Translate any trap version (v1, v2, v3) to any other version (including going from traps to informs)
  • Define multiple trap destinations and use NerveCenter logic to route traps based on your custom/specific criteria; or just send all traps to all destinations
  • Streamline v3 trap management overhead by “auto-discovering” v3 trap sources (based on our real-world experiences, we know SNMP v3 adds a layer of management overhead)


The NC6.1 release also includes enhanced polling functionality in the form of Cross Table Polling, which allows multiple objects to be queried in a single poll, for example:

  • Via a poll or trap, an operator receives a notice that a link is down.
  • To manage the network effectively, the operator must next quickly determine the severity of the condition (Is this an active link? Is it important to a customer?)
  • With NerveCenter, an operator can poll basic interface data to determine if a link is down and then in that same poll look at the extended link table to get a description of the link use or customer associated with that link.  Leveraging NerveCenter’s unique finite-state architecture, this can all be done “on-the-fly” – i.e. not via a database query after the fact.

The NC6.1 also includes other improvements and enhancements in areas of:

  • Enhancement of IPv6 address handling
  • Enhancements made to NCServer’s support of the ‘Query’ and ‘Ping’ features found in the ‘Client’ application
  • Addition of several built-in triggers. These represent the error conditions that Polls might incur when performing ICMP ‘ping’ or SNMP query operations.
  • Log file enhancements for efficiency
  • Enhancement to the tracing of login attempts


For a full list of improvements and enhancements with additional technical details see the full NerveCenter 6.1 Release Notes.

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