Trap Forwarding with TrapCenter


SNMP Trap Forwarding with NerveCenter’s TrapCenter Application

Intelligently Forward SNMP v1, v2 and v3 Traps

If you need a supported tool to replace BMC’s former TrapBlaster or Concord’s former Trap Exploder applications to forward SNMP traps, NerveCenter’s TrapCenter Application can be the solution.

Efficient Trap “Blasting” Techniques

As network operators continue to rely on trap information to ensure they are effectively managing their networks, they are faced with increasing challenges as trap volumes continue to rise and the introduction of SNMP v3 traps brings in added complexity.  In addition, some legacy tools focused on simple trap forwarding are nearing end-of-life.  The TrapCenter Application can help by both going beyond simple trap forwarding and uniquely dealing with the complexities of v3 traps.

NerveCenter as Trap Forwarding

NerveCenter’s unique finite-state architecture incorporated into TrapCenter can help with intelligent trap forwarding.  Right now, NerveCenter customers are forwarding very large volumes of traps in an intelligent fashion by leveraging the unique finite-state architecture that NerveCenter is built upon.  Even for v3 traps, NerveCenter’s TrapCenter Application makes it easy to deploy custom designed logic built to specific business needs.

Highlights of NerveCenter’s TrapCenter use cases related to traps:

  • Handle very large volumes of traps (100,000’s per hour) with a single instance
  • Use custom logic to filter out redundant or unnecessary traps, drastically reducing the amount of downstream work required
  • Translate any trap version (v1, v2, v3) to any other version (including going from traps to informs)
  • Define multiple trap destinations and use NerveCenter logic to route traps based on your custom/specific criteria; or just send all traps to all destinations
  • Streamline v3 trap management overhead by “auto-discovering” v3 trap sources (based on our real-world experiences, we know SNMP v3 adds a layer of management overhead)