Financial Services


While reliability, scale, security and risk management have long been a priority for financial services organizations, the sector continues to consider the management and monitoring of systems performance, security, and uptime as a critical area for transformation. This focus intensifies with the propagation of cloud, mobile, and IoT throughout the globe, and becomes more complex with constant change from M&A activity across the sector.

The industry is in transition from the current, and even past legacy models of systems management, focused on responding to issues, to an adaptive model that is capable of dealing with the uncertainty and unpredictability across large and increasingly more complex infrastructures. Quickly isolating issues and prioritizing them based on impact to the business, and trying to avoid the issues through predictive management are critical objectives in this new model.

NerveCenter delivers this next generation of capability through its unique ability to self-learn and identify abnormal behaviors, even when they bypass all other monitoring and systems management tools. Working with some of the largest financial institutions and FinTech providers in the world, LogMatrix’s NerveCenter product line gives our customers in Financial Services and FinTech clinets unprecedented visibility into all their digital activity, and the critical ability to detect, resolve, or avoid problems and incidents, minimizing the impact of downtime inflicted to operations, reputation or the bottom line.