NerveCenter Solutions


NerveCenter for Services Monitoring

NerveCenter can incorporate unique automation, analysis and correlation requirements into your IT operations management and go beyond simple “threshold” monitoring. By combining NerveCenter’s unique finite state modeling with conditional logic, analysis and correlation you can incorporate your specific requirements and complement other existing management solutions.

LogMatrix will provide installation assistance and custom NerveCenter model development as part of initial deployments.

Monitor Running Services

With NerveCenter you can easily apply specific conditional logic to trigger actions either within NerveCenter or to other devices or applications.

  • Do you need to monitor at the system level for specific services running?  Would you like to customize the information gathered and events triggered depending upon what services are running?
  • NerveCenter can analysis information from various different sources to provide customized functionality including at the system level.

Use Case – Customized Server Monitoring

A recent customer utilized NerveCenter to customize the monitoring and reporting on over 10,000 servers running on their network.

  • Specific “matrix” of applications and services that needed to be monitored and reported on depending on the OS, configuration, etc.
  • Wrote a handful of NerveCenter “models” within a few days to monitor just the services necessary based upon OS, configuration and customer needs.