Being Timely with your IT Management

There was a time when computers and technology were alien to many business people. While business managers knew that information needed to be entered into computers in order to do business, they preferred not to be involved with any “hands on” software development, network planning, or integration projects. This left IT departments practically on their own to plan out projects and respond to issues using their own internal IT management software.

IT ManagementThis “technology island” approach may have been nice in some ways because the IT departments could make their own priorities and decisions regarding support and projects. But in many ways this was detrimental because IT may not be aware of business priorities or the impact of system failures on productivity and profits.

Subsequent IT management software solutions involved a full-time staff of IT support people who camped out inside a computer room, waiting to respond to incidents or working on projects. This was an improvement because businesses had dedicated IT staff, but balancing support with projects and the costs associated with keeping technical personnel on hand can rapidly become less cost effective.

Then, service level agreements (SLA’s) evolved that articulated clearly the expectations of business along with the capabilities of IT. What was lacking was the ability to meet the ever increasing expectations of timely response to support issues.

The advent of the Internet coupled with exponential improvements in mobile technology and system diagnostics brings a new generation of IT management software solutions. These solutions give technical people the ability to rapidly respond to incidents or requests via almost any mobile device.

Finite state modeling software that can monitor and track network and application activities as well as allow remote notifications and responses gives IT management the capabilities to meet business expectations regarding requests while effectively managing costs. For more information about IT management software that can increase your incident response time, contact LogMatrix regarding their NerveCenter solution.