NerveCenter Solutions


NerveCenter for Application Monitoring

NerveCenter is capable of monitoring applications and databases on any standard host platform and IP services including FTP, Telnet, SMTP, and HTTP.

NerveCenter can be installed in a windows domain. It can access to windows Management Infrstructure, (WMI), entities allowing for the monitoring of Windows based applications including SQL server, Exchange server and application, Office applications, and internet applications.

As part of initial deployment, LogMatrix is available to provide installation assistance and custom NerveCenter model development.
For highest business performance and user / customer satisfaction, critical business applications must not degrade in performance and must be available all the time.

For e.g. If your business relies on eCommerce, even if your web server is functioning properly, customers may not be able to access your eCommerce site if there is an issues with down stream connected systems/ entities. Situation like these can easily avoided through NerveCenter’s capabilities.

Monitoring devices will not always alert you to issues with your business applications or services. Traditional device monitoring may indicate that a device is fine, but an issue with its operating system or an application running on the device will go undetected. NerveCenter help you to resolve traditional desktop layers for creation of a scalable, multiuser environment, thus enabling you stay ahead of evolving trends.