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NerveCenter for Network Monitoring

NerveCenter Solutions

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NerveCenter for network monitoring provides the following benefits:

  • easily customizable NerveCenter logic models allow you to monitor the way you want to.
  • simplify detection, root cause diagnosis and resolution of network issues.
  • eliminate alert storms and receive only actionable alerts. Read more.
  • correlate events from a wide variety of sources by time, over time periods, by sequence, by frequency, by association or any combination of these. Read more.
  • incorporate correlation and logic to “smart” poll your network. Read more.
  • monitor multi-vendor devices, databases, applications and virtual environments.
  • proactive monitoring identifies issues before outages occur.
  • scale to meet monitoring needs of very large networks.
  • query multiple objects with a single poll. Read more.
  • intelligently forward v1, v2 and v3 traps. Read more.
  • economical node based licensing

LogMatrix will provide installation assistance and custom NerveCenter model development as part of initial deployments.

Today’s IT networks are a complex mix of interdependent devices co-mingled with application databases, business applications and various sources of identity information.

The ever-increasing volume of information generated by these data sources combined with increases in service level agreements and reductions in operational staff has resulted in one of the biggest challenges in information technology today — effective and proactive network management. Without network availability and performance, business will suffer. Automated tools are required to manage the volume of network issues and critical events that occur each day, ensuring maximum network and application availability for mission critical functions.

That’s where LogMatrix comes in. Our network management software solution is an extensible monitoring and event correlation framework that enables users to implement their IT operational practices and policies. The core component, NerveCenter, helps deliver end-to-end network management by providing visibility across networks, systems and applications, collecting and correlating data, identifying issues and determining root cause.

NerveCenter enables managers to directly address and rectify problems plaguing today’s distributed networks: the inability to consolidate network and security events; systems overwhelmed by superfluous data or event storms; lack of automation causing an inconsistent reaction to critical events, (human error); excessive difficulty demonstrating compliance with Service Level Agreements; other contextual requirements; and overall lack of operational accountability because of incomplete information.

NerveCenter increases your system’s availability by providing proactive, scalable network monitoring, automated actions to fix problems, and real-time correlation to provide smart root cause analysis and fault storm management. In use with hundreds of global enterprises, NerveCenter’s smart correlation capabilities and unique modeling approach make it the ideal companion product to simplify growing HP Network Node Manager or IBM Tivoli NetCool implementations, as well as other popular network management platforms.

One Size Does Not Fit All

As today’s IT infrastructures evolve, they are becoming more diverse and complex. NerveCenter is a network management toolkit that enables you to implement your IT infrastructure management practices and policies. It allows you to manage critical IT assets the way you need them managed to proactively ensure they are accessible and available at all times.

Complete Visibility Into Your Infrastructure

To successfully apply your network management practices and policies, you must have access to all the management information available. NerveCenter incorporates a smart polling engine which retrieves additional detailed information only when needed to diagnose a problem.

Rapid Deployment and Greater Flexibility

Through a graphical interface, you define your unique IT management practices and policies to NerveCenter’s internal finite state correlation engine. This enables you to quickly establish how you want to manage your infrastructure as well as quickly adapt to changes in your environment or management requirements.

Choose How to Alert or, Even Fix Problems

NerveCenter correlates a wealth of IT management information from all data. When NerveCenter identifies an issue, it can:

  • Send an email or page to IT staff
  • Send an alert to a network management platform
  • Store the information for reporting at a later time
  • Run a script to implement your own solution, including automated corrective actions

IT staff are presented with only actionable alerts to make efficient use of their time. This reduces IT infrastructure costs and improves service availability and network performance.

Run Stand-Alone or, In Concert with Other Network Management Platforms

NerveCenter is powerful and flexible enough to function as a stand-alone network management software solution.  Where NerveCenter shines, however, is its ability to complement and enhance your existing network management investments. Most big network management solutions do a lot right out of the box, but can cost a fortune in add-ons to meet the complete needs of your network.  NerveCenter has the flexibility to meet the extra needs of your network at a fraction of the price.  In use with hundreds of global enterprises, NerveCenter’s smart correlation capabilities and unique model-building approach make it the ideal companion product to today’s leading network management solutions, helping you to maximize the value of your investments.