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Add Logic Before and After a Poll Executes NerveCenter Release 6.1 (“NC6.1”) includes new controls for how you can manipulate polls while they execute.  This includes the ability to add logic before or after a poll executes.  As well, you can have a poll start in the midst of a table instead of from the […]

How Much Polling is Enough?   With more and more riding on a business’s ability to have its enterprise network perform at a high level, network managers continue to push the envelope in terms of polling frequency for network assets.  Especially in larger, more complex networks, network operators are pressured to poll literally tens of […]

Many network monitoring solutions overload the NOC with redundant and insignificant network alerts.  The volume of alerts can be overwhelming and create confusion of which alert to address first.  Missing the priority can cause outages, user frustration or violation of SLAs. NerveCenter can reduce the alert storms and present operators with only actionable alerts.  With […]

Many purchased and proprietary applications log activities and messages to flat files.  These files can contain an overwhelming number of messages.  Mining important logged messages from the flat file is necessary to identify specific messages about events of interest that are logged. In Unix / Linux environments, messages logged to flat files can be seen […]

Why is it important to monitor windows application? Windows applications affect:  user experience  productivity  performance  security What’s more, resolving application problems can be a drain on IT’s time and resources. If you’re running your business on an SQL server and it goes down, customers can’t buy your product.  If you use Exchange and performance goes […]

With the wave of improvements in Wireless technologies and the increasing deployment into areas not considered “high-tech” such as healthcare and education, IT departments will need to rethink the methods they use to service these new users. We now have the ability to create vast wireless networks in places where previously infrastructures were not cost […]

There was a time when computers and technology were alien to many business people. While business managers knew that information needed to be entered into computers in order to do business, they preferred not to be involved with any “hands on” software development, network planning, or integration projects. This left IT departments practically on their […]

What is NAT? Network Address Translation [NAT] is a commonplace technology, but what is it and how does it impact your IT Operations responsibilities? There are many variations on NAT, yet the main theme is that a gateway on your network provides a translation service, replacing addressing information on the traffic flowing through it. The […]

Having been in Network Operations and Network management for many years, I am aware of the type of alert view most Network/Systems operations centers are using. This would be the traditional “event browser” that most products provide. With the traditional event browser you get a scrolling list of the most current events generated be network/system […]

We are experiencing a revolution with the Internet largely in part because of the growth of smart devices. You are now able to use your smart phone, IPAD, Thinkpad, and other devices to surf the Internet, almost steering the use of your personal computers into obscurity. Since most people are accessing the Internet via their […]