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Software defined networks, systems, datacenters, and storage environments are creating a more complex virtual world than most IT operators can keep up with. The need for proper monitoring solution for virtual and software defined solutions is critical. The solutions need to address everything from managing the performance of a virtual environment, to the internetworking of […]

Many purchased and proprietary applications log activities and messages to flat files.  These files can contain an overwhelming number of messages.  Mining important logged messages from the flat file is necessary to identify specific messages about events of interest that are logged. In Unix / Linux environments, messages logged to flat files can be seen […]

Why is it important to monitor windows application? Windows applications affect:  user experience  productivity  performance  security What’s more, resolving application problems can be a drain on IT’s time and resources. If you’re running your business on an SQL server and it goes down, customers can’t buy your product.  If you use Exchange and performance goes […]

Databases are critical to your business operations.  They sit on top of your IT infrastructure and are interwoven with your applications.  When issues arise in your IT Operations, it is important to isolate the root cause quickly.  Is the issue in the infrastructure layer, with the applications, or within the databases?  Monitoring all 3 in […]

VMware architecture can be set up using the vSphere client to attach to an ESX Server or using vCenter Server to manage a group of ESX Servers.  An ESX Server can run multiple VMs.  VMware Release 4.0 provides functionality for vSphere and vCenter Server to query performance statistics on ESX Servers and individual VMs directly […]

We have seen significant interest in monitoring VMware recently.  Server virtualization has gained momentum for use in physical data centers, as well as, in the cloud.  Where it is deployed, it has had a positive effect on costs. The proliferation has caused us to consider some of the challenges that beset VM deployment: Not enough […]

With the wave of improvements in Wireless technologies and the increasing deployment into areas not considered “high-tech” such as healthcare and education, IT departments will need to rethink the methods they use to service these new users. We now have the ability to create vast wireless networks in places where previously infrastructures were not cost […]

With the proliferation of remote access capabilities along with intelligent mobile devices, it is easier than ever for network administrators to respond to system issues promptly. However, with the ease of access also comes an increase in service level expectations and also the need for even more flexibility with network and system administration. Is your […]

There was a time when computers and technology were alien to many business people. While business managers knew that information needed to be entered into computers in order to do business, they preferred not to be involved with any “hands on” software development, network planning, or integration projects. This left IT departments practically on their […]

What is NAT? Network Address Translation [NAT] is a commonplace technology, but what is it and how does it impact your IT Operations responsibilities? There are many variations on NAT, yet the main theme is that a gateway on your network provides a translation service, replacing addressing information on the traffic flowing through it. The […]