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As the workforce in the United States continues to become more mobile through the use of remotely connected smart phones, tablets, and laptops there is an opportunity to leverage this “always connected” trend for network management. While social media is not always considered a tool for businesses, IT departments can utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and […]

Building upon the performance enhancements of NerveCenter 5.2, the latest NerveCenter Release 6.0 is the first in a series of releases that will bring new functionality to NerveCenter.  See our website for a download of the full release notes on NerveCenter 6.0 ( A few of the new features are highlighted here: –       MIB Browser.  […]

This past year was a busy one for us in NerveCenter Engineering.  We finished up several releases and added a number of enhancements to provide a more sophisticated, robust solution for building a Network Management solution. Here are some of the hightlights as we in engineering see things: New analytics that let you see what […]

Part 1 of ICMP Message Handling described the ICMP defined message types supported in NerveCenter.  Part 2 covers the ICMP responses that can be received by NerveCenter. Today we cover the possible ICMP replies returned by devices as the result of an ICMP or SNMP poll attempt.  The context of the traffic issued by the […]

I try to track what is being said about SNMP v3 in the news.  That is a interesting thing to do, because compared to other topics, the answer is not much.  I was intrigued when I ran across this article on Packet Pushers by Lindsey Hill called SNMPv3 Do It Now. As I read it […]

When most network administrators think of protocols, SNMP is typically at the top of every list. While SNMP is the protocol used by a vast majority of networks, SNMP is not always the most adept at proper application monitoring. While SNMP can give you basic network information such as packet size and frequency, you may […]

Having been in Network Operations and Network management for many years, I am aware of the type of alert view most Network/Systems operations centers are using. This would be the traditional “event browser” that most products provide. With the traditional event browser you get a scrolling list of the most current events generated be network/system […]

NerveCenter emits two types of traffic onto the networks it is attached to: SNMP and ICMP datagrams. Either of these traffic types can be replied to with an ICMP message. The reply message might be generated by the destination host or a gateway along the path taken by the datagram. NerveCenter, therefore, must be aware […]

We recently were part of discussions with existing and potential customers that included weighing the pros and cons of using proprietary agents in conjunction with network monitoring tools.  In addition, and rather coincidentally, I ran across a blog listing out a bunch of “myths” associated with IT Operations management, which makes some good points.  Myth […]

There is a good ongoing discussion about the “right” number of network monitoring tools in the Enterprise Systems Management group on Linkedin.  You have to subscribe to the group to read the whole discussion, but if you are a member of Linkedin I recommend you look into this large, active community of IT professionals focused on […]