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Download the full Release Notes NerveCenter-6.1.00-Release-Notes.   NerveCenter 6.1 release contains everything included in the NerveCenter 6.0.xx releases.  NC6.1 adds the following functionality, relative to NC6.0.xx:   Customers expressed a need for enhancements to NerveCenter’s Trap Forwarding capabilities as a supported alternative to BMC’s former TrapBlaster and Concord’s former Trap Exploder applications.  The NC6.1 release includes […]

How Much Polling is Enough?   With more and more riding on a business’s ability to have its enterprise network perform at a high level, network managers continue to push the envelope in terms of polling frequency for network assets.  Especially in larger, more complex networks, network operators are pressured to poll literally tens of […]

Part 1 of ICMP Message Handling described the ICMP defined message types supported in NerveCenter.  Part 2 covers the ICMP responses that can be received by NerveCenter. Today we cover the possible ICMP replies returned by devices as the result of an ICMP or SNMP poll attempt.  The context of the traffic issued by the […]