What follows is a recap the webinar that was held today to discuss the latest release of our NerveCenter network management software, which is NerveCenter version 6.0. Over the last several releases, our direction for NerveCenter has been to add performance and capacity enhancements in the 5.xxx releases. We added multi-threaded polling awhile ago, and […]

Too often we get some software, install it on our system, do some basic configuration and say we are done.  It becomes a checkbox we click off and move on.  Perhaps we watch the analytics and print out a report or two a week, but are we really using the software to its potential? In […]

All network IT management software is alike, right? Not really. While most network IT management software products perform some common basic functions, one particular product is unique to the market. LogMatrix provides the NerveCenter network management software solution. LogMatrix is a company that provides real IT solutions that impact business IT performance and security. All […]