Recap of NerveCenter 6.0 Webinar Today

What follows is a recap the webinar that was held today to discuss the latest release of our NerveCenter network management software, which is NerveCenter version 6.0.

Over the last several releases, our direction for NerveCenter has been to add performance and capacity enhancements in the releases. We added multi-threaded polling awhile ago, and in 5.2 we added a whole new (re-written) polling engine that is more efficient and includes a great deal of metrics to allow trending of NerveCenter performance for capacity planning purposes. Starting with 6.0, we intend to add features that make the product easier to use and extend its capabilities. Each 6 series release may have only 2 to 5 new features, but there will be several releases (maybe 2 to 4) per year. In 6.0 we added the “AddVarbind” feature and a MIB browser that polls devices from the server (as opposed to from the client – see below for a screenshot of the MIB browser).

MIB Browser Nervecenter

For 6.1, the plan is for cross table polling, cron like polling (i.e. a poll that runs at specific days/times), and also an option to translate V1 traps to V2 on a per mask basis to take advantage of the “source” flexibility in V2 traps (useful for NAT environments).

For more information or to request a trial version of the latest release of the NerveCenter netowrk monitoring software, go to Home or contact LogMatrix at

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