2011: A NerveCenter Engineering Year in Review

This past year was a busy one for us in NerveCenter Engineering.  We finished up several releases and added a number of enhancements to provide a more sophisticated, robust solution for building a Network Management solution.

Here are some of the hightlights as we in engineering see things:

  • New analytics that let you see what your NerveCenter server is doing – I love this one, makes things so much easier to know what is going on.  I especially like the ability to grab the log data from client without needing to log into the NerveCenter Server at all.
  • Updated Perl modules supported
  • Support for newest releases of Windows Server 2008R2 and Windows 7
  • Major enhancements for polling – including AddVarBind – user definable varBinds for use in Polls and building Alarms.
  • New and Improved ICMP and SNMP query tools including MIB Browser. – we all love this one.  I actually like the TTL features on ICMP query too.  Comes in handy when checking out system behaving a bit oddly.
  • Per Node timeout and retry controls
  • Payload sizing for ICMP polls.  Who doesn’t love that.
  • Improvements to autostart with new automated scripts.  No need to setup or source anything.
  • A revved up Polling engine for the NerveCenter Server – enough said.


Next Year should be even more exciting.  Looking forward to sharing it with you.

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