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Simple Polling Doesn’t Give the Whole Story    Polling for single objects and then applying a simple threshold or basic if/then logic to the resulting data is something many network monitoring tools can do.  However, this doesn’t provide the complete picture of the true condition (or “state”) of the devices or services being managed.  For network […]

Efficient Trap “Blasting” Techniques As network operators continue to rely on trap information to ensure they are effectively managing their networks, they are faced with increasing challenges as trap volumes continue to rise and the introduction of SNMP v3 traps brings in added complexity.  In addition, some legacy tools focused on simple trap forwarding are […]

I try to track what is being said about SNMP v3 in the news.  That is a interesting thing to do, because compared to other topics, the answer is not much.  I was intrigued when I ran across this article on Packet Pushers by Lindsey Hill called SNMPv3 Do It Now. As I read it […]

When most network administrators think of protocols, SNMP is typically at the top of every list. While SNMP is the protocol used by a vast majority of networks, SNMP is not always the most adept at proper application monitoring. While SNMP can give you basic network information such as packet size and frequency, you may […]

We recently were part of discussions with existing and potential customers that included weighing the pros and cons of using proprietary agents in conjunction with network monitoring tools.  In addition, and rather coincidentally, I ran across a blog listing out a bunch of “myths” associated with IT Operations management, which makes some good points.  Myth […]