NerveCenter Challenge



A large Managed Services Provider needed an advanced, proactive monitoring solution, in order to offer a higher value, advanced monitoring service with up-time-based SLAs. They had seven existing “market leading” monitoring tools in their eco-system, yet each system along or together could not process the huge volume of events, alerts, and messages in their customer’s complex IT services. Thus, they were operating at 125% of budgeted headcount in the NOC/SOC and missing many events do to human latency in fault isolation, root cause analysis and event correlation. Because there were so many custom monitors built, a forklift was out of the question and there was no budget for more software.

LogMatrix engineers reviewed the enterprise systems management and monitoring framework at the MSP and determined NerveCenter’s CEP and Analytics capabilities would reduce the volume of events by over 70%, and providing 100% accuracy for actionable event processing. LogMatrix engineers built the use cases, created the FSM transition states, and presented ROI budget impact to the MSP CEO and CFO

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