NerveCenter for Windows Application Monitoring


Windows Application Monitoring

When NerveCenter is installed in a Windows domain it has access to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) entities and therefore monitors Microsoft applications including SQL server, Exchange server and application, SharePoint, Office applications, and internet applications.

With NerveCenter you can monitor your Exchange server and your email user experience.  NerveCenter will monitor to best practices standards for Exchange monitoring, including thresholds and severities for:

  • Local queues
  • Remote queues
  • Retry Mail Queues
  • Receive and send queues
  • RPC latency
  • Memory usage
  • Read or write latency
  • Free disc space
  • SMTP queue drive

Verify the performance of your SQL Databases.  For example:

  • How fast are transactions happening?  NerveCenter will time a typical transaction. With a typical scenario of lookup, lookup, insert, and then commit, this sequence is repeated on a regular basis to monitor the health of the SQL database service.  Thereby test:
  • Disc transfer/sec
  • Disc read/sec
  • Disc write/sec
  • Disc byte/read
  • Disc byte/write
  • Free disc space
  • Disc queue lengths
  • How hard is the SQL database service using the host(s) it is running on?  Here NerveCenter will look at resource issues for the service’s host such as memory, CPU, paging and disk usage.
  • Is access to and usage of the SQL database only occurring as it should?  NerveCenter is used to run access test batteries against the running service.   Invalid login attempts are attempted to verify they are properly handled.  NerveCenter will verify that unauthorized command usage (once logged in) is refused.  NerveCenter will also monitor the security of the SQL database by scanning log and journal files created by the SQL database service to spot attacks as they start to occur.
  • SQL databases do a good job of maintaining data integrity.  Even so, NerveCenter can be set to do queries that probe how the system reacts to edits or insertions that might compromise the integrity of data relationships.

Use test transactions with NerveCenter polling to:

  • Test logins and authentications
  • Monitor customer experience
  • Monitor transaction times
  • Verify navigational links
  • Verify FTP downloads
  • Monitor response times
  • Monitor queues and buffers
  • Monitor file transfer times
  • Check database free space
  • Check database response times
  • Verify database integrity
  • Monitor database performance, security and integrity

NerveCenter will alert you to application and business service problems and service degradation so issues can be resolved with minimal affect to your business.

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