What Does LogMatrix Do?

All network IT management software is alike, right? Not really. While most network IT management software products perform some common basic functions, one particular product is unique to the market. LogMatrix provides the NerveCenter network management software solution. LogMatrix is a company that provides real IT solutions that impact business IT performance and security.

All network management software products have the ability to “map” the known devices on the network and report errors with these known devices, this process does not always account for unknown devices, anomalies or interferences.

Through the use of finite state modeling, NerveCenter can not only monitor all of the known devices on a network, but also detect and monitor unknown events. Finite state modeling is structured around the status of events. The “state” of an event is monitored from the time it is dormant to active to error or success. Regardless of what started or ended a particular event, NerveCenter is able to detect it and make decisions on whether the state was expected or if there was an issue that merits an alert.

waterfall LogMatrixNerveCenter is capable of handling the most basic network up to multiple networks and layers. With complex networks, NerveCenter is able to understand co-dependencies and other relationships that other network management software systems cannot interpret. Not only are network devices monitored, but applications, security, and any other events. The data is collected and analyzed in order to provide IT managers a new level of information and capabilities.

Before looking at traditional network IT management software products, consider NerveCenter provided by LogMatrix as your best solution. The team of professionals at LogMatrix can assist businesses in installing and configuring NerveCenter for optimum performance and more than satisfactory return on investment.

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