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Building upon the performance enhancements of NerveCenter 5.2, the latest NerveCenter Release 6.0 is the first in a series of releases that will bring new functionality to NerveCenter.  See our website for a download of the full release notes on NerveCenter 6.0 (http://logmatrix.com/). A few of the new features are highlighted here: –       MIB Browser.  […]

This past year was a busy one for us in NerveCenter Engineering.  We finished up several releases and added a number of enhancements to provide a more sophisticated, robust solution for building a Network Management solution. Here are some of the hightlights as we in engineering see things: New analytics that let you see what […]

Having been in Network Operations and Network management for many years, I am aware of the type of alert view most Network/Systems operations centers are using. This would be the traditional “event browser” that most products provide. With the traditional event browser you get a scrolling list of the most current events generated be network/system […]

What follows is a recap the webinar that was held today to discuss the latest release of our NerveCenter network management software, which is NerveCenter version 6.0. Over the last several releases, our direction for NerveCenter has been to add performance and capacity enhancements in the 5.xxx releases. We added multi-threaded polling awhile ago, and […]

All network IT management software is alike, right? Not really. While most network IT management software products perform some common basic functions, one particular product is unique to the market. LogMatrix provides the NerveCenter network management software solution. LogMatrix is a company that provides real IT solutions that impact business IT performance and security. All […]

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