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Why is it important to monitor windows application? Windows applications affect:  user experience  productivity  performance  security What’s more, resolving application problems can be a drain on IT’s time and resources. If you’re running your business on an SQL server and it goes down, customers can’t buy your product.  If you use Exchange and performance goes […]

Databases are critical to your business operations.  They sit on top of your IT infrastructure and are interwoven with your applications.  When issues arise in your IT Operations, it is important to isolate the root cause quickly.  Is the issue in the infrastructure layer, with the applications, or within the databases?  Monitoring all 3 in […]

When most network administrators think of protocols, SNMP is typically at the top of every list. While SNMP is the protocol used by a vast majority of networks, SNMP is not always the most adept at proper application monitoring. While SNMP can give you basic network information such as packet size and frequency, you may […]

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