NerveCenter 6.0 Release – Highlights of Exciting New Features

NerveCenter 6.0Building upon the performance enhancements of NerveCenter 5.2, the latest NerveCenter Release 6.0 is the first in a series of releases that will bring new functionality to NerveCenter.  See our website for a download of the full release notes on NerveCenter 6.0 (

A few of the new features are highlighted here:

–       MIB Browser.  The NerveCenter Client application now contains a MIB Browser. The MIB Browser can be run on a per node basis from the Query tab on the NerveCenter Client Node Window. Queries can be made by name or OID for all objects defined in the node’s property group.

–       AddVarBind.  A new feature called AddVarBind has been added in this release. AddVarBind is an API that allows the addition of varbinds to data received from an SNMP Agent through either a Poll or a Trap. Poll and Trap functions can be written to utilize the AddVarBind calls in order to enhance the data being reported by a NerveCenter system.

–       Windows Support.  The NerveCenter Windows full kit installation process has been updated to support installation and running of NerveCenter Server and Client on Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 2008R2.

Contact us ( for an evaluation copy of NerveCenter 6.0 and look for further new features in the upcoming 6.1 release to be announced in Q2 this year.

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