Application Monitoring: JBoss with NerveCenter

When most network administrators think of protocols, SNMP is typically at the top of every list. While SNMP is the protocol used by a vast majority of networks, SNMP is not always the most adept at proper application monitoring. While SNMP can give you basic network information such as packet size and frequency, you may not get all of the details needed to perform more comprehensive application monitoring tasks.

With NerveCenter you not only have the ability to monitor SNMP but also a variety of other protocols and applications in one comprehensive tool. For example, if a java application is running on a JBoss server, there is no easy way to monitor using SNMP. NerveCenter, on the other hand, allows you the flexibility to monitor JBoss as well as SNMP when needed.

This highly flexible and configurable application monitoring system is what makes NerveCenter ideal for network administrators. Now, network admins can see a more holistic view of the entire network including applications. Through the finite state modeling structure built upon the supreme flexibility of Perl as the logic builder, NerveCenter can analyze and interpret all events that occur on a network regardless of the type.

The following is an example of using NerveCenter to monitor JBOSS and display the results to the Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer.  A NerveCenter model using Perl collected the statistical information from JBoss and forwared it to the Analyzer for display on the Dashboard.


For more information on NerveCenter and how it can help your network and application monitoring process, contact the experts at LogMatrix to find the solution that is right for your business.

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