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  • Constrained by "Out-of-the-Box" IT Operations Management Solutions?
  • Frustrated by the Complexity and Expense of Customized Solutions?
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Large ISP

Need to dynamically correlate network monitoring and customer Service Level Agreement requirements.

Large Retailer

Effective and customized alert suppression.

Large Financial Institution

Required ability to monitor VMs without relying on SNMP agent.

About Us

LogMatrix offers the most scalable, intelligent, and robust Systems Monitoring Software in the market today.

  • The unique ability that LogMatrix has to service a segment of the market that no other software company can service, coupled with our unique ability to sell alongside of the competition, at a very low price, and with immediate, demonstrable results, creates a unique and compelling value proposition.
  • Our intrinsic cloud, IoT, Mobile, and traditional architecture deployment and monitoring options create a capability that others do not have in a single product. This makes our product more scalable, more functional, more secure, lower cost, and ultimately, easier to choose, use, and operate.
  • Our mainstay product, Nervecenter™, enables companies to:
    • Fully integrate monitoring across cloud, mobile, and the IOT
    • Automate and optimize complex event correlation, root cause analysis, trap management, and more
    • Reduce operational costs
    • Eliminate network noise
    • Achieve and improve service level targets
    • Boost overall systems performance
    • Automate processes to reduce the burden on expensive, often overworked technology resources.
  • LogMatrix processes over 30 million metrics a day across millions of enterprise devices, applications, and services in over 1,200 enterprises in 86 countries, in every industry vertical.

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  • Powerful Event Correlation Engine
  • Ability to accept and process information from any source, including database direct
  • Ability to Monitor business process, transaction process, or systems
  • Easy to apply correlation and business logic with verified alerts
  • Multi-Tenant Enabled out of the box
  • Support for many protocols and devices
  • Custom monitors of applications, business process, or systems easy to create


  • Eliminate "false" alarms
  • Enables automated trouble resolution
  • Automated Root Cause Analysis
  • Massively Scalable
  • Flexible tool which ties into business operations, process, and compliance requirements
  • Predictive, proactive monitoring solution
  • Easy for MSP/SI's to provision clients into system without worry of conflicting IP's or Naming conventions


  • Reduce cost of eyes on glass
  • Reduce costs of downtime
  • Improved User Experience
  • Predictable costs of growth
  • Ability to tie systems and technologies to investments
  • Ability to ensure regulatory compliance (SOX, HIPAA, SSAE)
  • Higher internal/external client satisfaction
  • Lower risk profile
  • LogMatrix Enables New Product Offering
  • LogMatrix Announces Release of NerveCenter ® 6.0
  • LogMatrix Announces Release of NerveCenter 5.2
  • Anue Systems and LogMatrix Solution Reduces MTTR from 30 Days to 3 Hours
  • TrackITOnline Announces Distribution Deal with LogMatrix
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  • NerveCenter Version 6.2 New Features
  • Pre and Post Polling
  • NerveCenter Version 6.1 New Features
  • Custom Logic for Intelligent Polling
  • Polling Multiple Objects “On-the-fly” in a Single Poll
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"What I love most is that NerveCenter enables me to do everything and anything I want to do with network management software!"

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